CRÉ [kray]: gaelic word meaning earth, soil, clay 

We are a small-batch artisan skincare company based in Frisco, Texas. Our ingredients are pure luxury plant-derived oils, butters, and essential oils, with a focus on sustainably grown and certified organic.

CRÉ  was created with a modern and minimalist approach to handmade skincare with the intention of bringing the calm and pampering of a spa routine, back to the comfort of your own home.

We believe in holistic beauty and the importance of feeding the skin from the inside, combining a healthy lifestyle along with the use of effective skincare products sourced from the earth that nourish, protect, and soothe the skin. 


Born to and Italian mother from Verona and a Canadian father from Toronto, Lara grew up traveling around the world with her 5 siblings and later on met her husband who was also born to parents from opposite sides of the world, Ireland and the US. Both with a love of travel, they spent over 10 years in Africa before moving to Ireland with their first child.

During the next 5 years of their life in Ireland, and in between having 2 more children, she began learning about organic skincare creating unique formulas for the skin. In 2015 they made another big move to Dallas, Texas and this is where CRÉ ORGANICS LLC began.